Sunday, February 27, 2011

Demo 2011

     We got around to recording our demo yesterday with Charlie at Violent Studios. We would like to thank Preston Calhoun from San Deviants for driving out from a whale's vagina on Friday to practice and learn our songs a day before recording. The demo is finished and is currently being mixed and mastered. Music should be up for download by the end of the week. Updates coming as this week progresses.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1 More Thing!

     During practice last Saturday we took a rough recording of one of our songs in the rehearsal studio. This video was recorded in the room so please bare with the sound, listening to the video with headphones on low volume helps. If you are able to listen closely then this should give listeners an idea of what material from us will sound like. The Facebook page is still under way so if you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment on here, or send an email at:

    Here's the link for the video I mentioned above. I would have posted the video directly on the page but Youtube is screwing me over. Just click the "Seek Revenge rehearsal" link to watch the video.

Seek Revenge rehearsal.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A New Start

     Hey there this is the blog for Seek Revenge, along with a future Facebook page will be our new headquarters for the band. I along with the rest of the band members will be updating this page frequently in the near future with more news concerning the band. We are in the process of writing music which will be recorded February 27th for a short demo that we will later be mailing out as well as handing out at shows. But since we have no friends/fans/followers whatever it is on this site and I'm sure most people will see this post once we are several posts in. Fuck it.

     Seek Revenge is an entirely new Hardcore Punk band consisting of former members of the now deceased Street Punk band: The Detriments. To make some use out of this post I'll give you a rundown of the some of The Detriments history which then leads to the forming of Seek Revenge. In late 2010 Detriments started pulling away when issues of playing shows and touring became a problem. As Ivan and I (Marcel) wanted to expand Detriments to it's fullest potential some other members just didn't feel the same way we did. Since we had our goals pulling a to a different direction we both realized that we would have to start something entirely new from Detriments to make it happen. We played our last show with The Detriments entitled "Street Punk's Revenge", with San Deviants, Destruct, Endless Struggle, and Evacuate at The Metaphor in Escondido on December 4th 2010. After the start of the new year we still had a drive to continue making music and we then started Seek Revenge with me on drums, Ivan on vocals, Joe from Detriments and our good friend Tyler both on guitar and began writing music Januray 7th, 2011.

     Posted below are links to our friends bands San Deviants, Destruct, Violent Affair, and Evacuate to their Facebook pages for show/touring and other info. Check them out, they are great bands making great music and most of all keeping Punk Rock alive.