Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Benefit Show Recap, Summer Plans, and A Christmas Comp?

     It's been a good while since the last post and a lot of stuff has happened since then so the post is meant to fill the 2 people who somehow come across this blog.

     March  26th was the benefit show Mike Virus set up at The Riff-Huas for victims of the earthquakes in Japan and our 3rd show as a band. This was by far our best show both in performance and attendance. We were the opening band and the venue sold out by time we were halfway done with our first song. We got great a great crowd response had some good pits going on throughout our set. After our set was over we got some good feedback from other people at the show from friends and new faces alike. Got around to passing a bunch of demos out. Watched San Deviants, The Voids, Evacuate, and Resilience tear up the stage and roughly $2,000 were raised to help the people of Japan. It's great to see a Punk Rock show where everyone was excited and had fun, it was reminiscent of the Street Punk days at Showcase Theatre. Good times were had by all and we would like to like thank Davey Destruct for the flier, The Riff-Haus for having Punk shows, and Mike for setting the whole thing up.

     Since the benefit show our band has been busy with plans to keep us busy with this coming Summer. We have working hard on our new songs and we are ready to record them. We will be heading to the studio June 4th and 5th to record a 5-6 song EP. We're going to print them as  CD's first and depending how people like them we'll press them on 7".

     We will be kicking things off with our first show of the Summer with our buddies Exile from Texas and The Capaces from Spain. The show is on Wednesday, June 22nd at the Riff-Haus, more bands are being confirmed and a flier is soon to come. Both Exile and The Capaces are doing a full US tour together so make sure to check them out if they come to your area. Our good friends DCOI! are coming through Southern California for their tour in July and we'll be supporting them for a few of their Southern California shows. As July comes nearer I'll post more info here and on our Facebook page. Their long awaited new record, "When History Repeats", should be out by the time they start touring so keep an eye out for it. By the time these show come around our EP should hopefully be out.

     Coming straight out of left field, I got a call from Mike Virus today asking us if we wanted to be a part of the "Cashing In On Christmas Vol.3" compilation. Blown away by the offer I spoke with the rest of our band and we're all in. We're going to be recording a special Christmas themed song just in time for the holiday season. Bands that have previously been on this compilation include Violent Society, Wretched Ones, Lower Class Brats, and CH3. This coming compilation will be made of a new generation of Punk Rock featuring us, Evacuate, Violent Affair, and Mad Pigs. More bands are going to be added to the comp so keep a look out for the that.