Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Benefit Show Recap, Summer Plans, and A Christmas Comp?

     It's been a good while since the last post and a lot of stuff has happened since then so the post is meant to fill the 2 people who somehow come across this blog.

     March  26th was the benefit show Mike Virus set up at The Riff-Huas for victims of the earthquakes in Japan and our 3rd show as a band. This was by far our best show both in performance and attendance. We were the opening band and the venue sold out by time we were halfway done with our first song. We got great a great crowd response had some good pits going on throughout our set. After our set was over we got some good feedback from other people at the show from friends and new faces alike. Got around to passing a bunch of demos out. Watched San Deviants, The Voids, Evacuate, and Resilience tear up the stage and roughly $2,000 were raised to help the people of Japan. It's great to see a Punk Rock show where everyone was excited and had fun, it was reminiscent of the Street Punk days at Showcase Theatre. Good times were had by all and we would like to like thank Davey Destruct for the flier, The Riff-Haus for having Punk shows, and Mike for setting the whole thing up.

     Since the benefit show our band has been busy with plans to keep us busy with this coming Summer. We have working hard on our new songs and we are ready to record them. We will be heading to the studio June 4th and 5th to record a 5-6 song EP. We're going to print them as  CD's first and depending how people like them we'll press them on 7".

     We will be kicking things off with our first show of the Summer with our buddies Exile from Texas and The Capaces from Spain. The show is on Wednesday, June 22nd at the Riff-Haus, more bands are being confirmed and a flier is soon to come. Both Exile and The Capaces are doing a full US tour together so make sure to check them out if they come to your area. Our good friends DCOI! are coming through Southern California for their tour in July and we'll be supporting them for a few of their Southern California shows. As July comes nearer I'll post more info here and on our Facebook page. Their long awaited new record, "When History Repeats", should be out by the time they start touring so keep an eye out for it. By the time these show come around our EP should hopefully be out.

     Coming straight out of left field, I got a call from Mike Virus today asking us if we wanted to be a part of the "Cashing In On Christmas Vol.3" compilation. Blown away by the offer I spoke with the rest of our band and we're all in. We're going to be recording a special Christmas themed song just in time for the holiday season. Bands that have previously been on this compilation include Violent Society, Wretched Ones, Lower Class Brats, and CH3. This coming compilation will be made of a new generation of Punk Rock featuring us, Evacuate, Violent Affair, and Mad Pigs. More bands are going to be added to the comp so keep a look out for the that.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Benefit Show for The Japanese Earthquake Victims

     The disasters that have hit Japan these past few weeks have been relentless. Efforts have been made to help with Japan's current situation and we're going to help out too. This coming Saturday, March 26th @ The Riff Haus in Fullerton we are playing a benefit show for the Japanese earthquake victims. We would like to thank Mike from Evacuate for setting up this event and getting us on it as well. We are opening the show and will be sharing the stage with our good friends San Deviants and Evacuate, as well as The Voids and Resilience. It's been awhile since their has been a good Street Punk show so come on out. This is going to be a great show and is expected to sell out, so of anyone actually reads this thing then show up early to get your ticket. The tickets are going to be $8 and the money made will be donated to that will then make it's way to help the people of Japan. The show is for a great cause and will let others know that Punks care and are not just about drinking beer and destroying shit. The flier and information is posted below.


Monday, March 14, 2011

First show Recap,The Metaphor, Escondido CA 3/11/11

     Tyler and I left at noon and got to Preston's house in Escondido at 2PM where we then went to practice at the studio that Preston usually practices in when he's with San Deviants. Since Ivan had work he couldn't make it to rehearsal and met us back at Preston's house where we loaded up equipment and headed out to grab a bite to eat before we went to the Metaphor. We got to The Metaphor at 7PM and our set time didn't start until 8PM so having an hour to kill let us unload our gear and pass out demos. By the time we were on stage we had a decent crowd considering that it was our first show and we were not from the area. We played a 5 song set in just under 10 minutes, 2 of the songs being covers. During the set we fucked up several times, the drum stick slipped from my hand and somehow directly hit the tiny light switch in the corner of the floor that was set up for the stage. We continued to play as the lights were completely out on us for a good 15 seconds until Bekket from Brain Rash turned it back on. We still had a great time and got some positive feedback from a few people in the crowd after we were done with 20 minutes of set time to spare. Even with our half assed performance it was still our first show,so suck it.

     After the show we got a heads up to a party for everyone that was at the show. I'll give you a list of everything that MAY HAVE HAPPENED and you can use your imagination to add everything together.
Party consisted of:
Abandoned apartment
Holes in the walls
Smashing lights
Tearing down chandeliers
Breaking cabinets
Someone took a shit in the closet
Cops show up
Everyone scatters
I ripped down a fence since I couldn't jump it.
Hide in a park for an hour
Escape arrest.

      Long story short, Seek Revenge loves the San Diego Punk scene.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

We're playing our first 2 shows his weekend. come out and show some support.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Demo 2011

     Once again I'm typing this to no one, fuck it. Our demo just got mixed/mastered, it's still rough being that it is just a demo, hope you all like it. Here's the link to download it: Seek Revenge Demo 2011


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Demo 2011

     We got around to recording our demo yesterday with Charlie at Violent Studios. We would like to thank Preston Calhoun from San Deviants for driving out from a whale's vagina on Friday to practice and learn our songs a day before recording. The demo is finished and is currently being mixed and mastered. Music should be up for download by the end of the week. Updates coming as this week progresses.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1 More Thing!

     During practice last Saturday we took a rough recording of one of our songs in the rehearsal studio. This video was recorded in the room so please bare with the sound, listening to the video with headphones on low volume helps. If you are able to listen closely then this should give listeners an idea of what material from us will sound like. The Facebook page is still under way so if you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment on here, or send an email at:

    Here's the link for the video I mentioned above. I would have posted the video directly on the page but Youtube is screwing me over. Just click the "Seek Revenge rehearsal" link to watch the video.

Seek Revenge rehearsal.