Monday, March 14, 2011

First show Recap,The Metaphor, Escondido CA 3/11/11

     Tyler and I left at noon and got to Preston's house in Escondido at 2PM where we then went to practice at the studio that Preston usually practices in when he's with San Deviants. Since Ivan had work he couldn't make it to rehearsal and met us back at Preston's house where we loaded up equipment and headed out to grab a bite to eat before we went to the Metaphor. We got to The Metaphor at 7PM and our set time didn't start until 8PM so having an hour to kill let us unload our gear and pass out demos. By the time we were on stage we had a decent crowd considering that it was our first show and we were not from the area. We played a 5 song set in just under 10 minutes, 2 of the songs being covers. During the set we fucked up several times, the drum stick slipped from my hand and somehow directly hit the tiny light switch in the corner of the floor that was set up for the stage. We continued to play as the lights were completely out on us for a good 15 seconds until Bekket from Brain Rash turned it back on. We still had a great time and got some positive feedback from a few people in the crowd after we were done with 20 minutes of set time to spare. Even with our half assed performance it was still our first show,so suck it.

     After the show we got a heads up to a party for everyone that was at the show. I'll give you a list of everything that MAY HAVE HAPPENED and you can use your imagination to add everything together.
Party consisted of:
Abandoned apartment
Holes in the walls
Smashing lights
Tearing down chandeliers
Breaking cabinets
Someone took a shit in the closet
Cops show up
Everyone scatters
I ripped down a fence since I couldn't jump it.
Hide in a park for an hour
Escape arrest.

      Long story short, Seek Revenge loves the San Diego Punk scene.

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